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 Aquaponics Workshop - Charlie Shultz (formerly UVI) 

This is a must have "first" course to take to learn everything about the world of Aquaponics, the UVI system, how to build a home, commercial or school system, plant & fish management, water quality, freshwater shrimp, construction & more.  A USB drive is included in the price of your workshop with the entire lecture series and all reference materials.


To be rescheduled

Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) - Dr Timmons & Dr Ebeling

Now that you have taken the basic workshop, learn all about the RAS system, and the engineering side of Aquaculture. Dr. Michael Timmons from Cornell University and Dr. James Ebeling from Arizona will take you to a whole other level in the field.  The 900+ page "Yellow Book" is included with your course along with a USB drive of the lecture series.


Hydroponics 101 Workshop (6 hours)

Introduction to Aquaponics (2 hours)

Aquaponics 101 (4 hours)  - "Is Aquaponics For You"?

Basic Aquaculture (basic understanding of Tilapia - 3 hours)

Plant Production (UVI) (3 hours)

Aquaponic Design 101 - Designing your Basic System (6 hours)

*NEW Alternative Solutions for Forage (Hydroponic)

There will be an Aquaponic Workshop conducted by Jim Gill and Ken Chio 

postponed due to our recent move. Please stay tuned for more information

We will be rescheduling our next "Growing Your Dream" 3 day  Aquaponic workshop  to be held at our Carleton, Michigan Training Facility with R. Charlie Shultz from Lethbridge College in Alberta, Canada (formerly the University of the Virgin Islands) very soon.  Keep checking back for the next date and be sure to Join us for 3 full days of education and "hands-on" experience to learn about the world of Aquaponics! You will leave with a knowledge of how to build your own home, school or commercial system, plant and tilapia production, water quality,  freshwater shrimp and so much more!   (Click on the link below to download the workshop information and registration packet.  Early registration will be encouraged as it is expected to sell out!  Call or register online to secure your seat. ) 

Click Here for the ______ Information and Registration packet!!!

Please note: Seats are limited and are on a first come - first serve basis. When enrollment is filled, a waiting list will be taken.

Coming Soon.... more classes and workshops  - See below on some of the mini classes we are working on.  Sign up for our mailing list to keep informed of all the latest news, classes and other important information coming your way!!

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