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We love your feedback!  We hear you and want to do everything we can to make your experience with Aqua Growers of Michigan the best.

Here are a few things we would love your feedback on:

  1. Aqua Growers of Michigan will have an online store front for you to purchase many of the typical aquaponic supplies.  What items would you purchase from us if you had the opportunity?  Some of the items we plan to carry include Chelated Iron, test kits for iron and more, water quality lab tests (you bring your water samples to us), PH adjusters, fish feed, RAS Aquaculture book by Timmons & Ebeling, feed rate tables, root enhancer, seminars, mini classes  and more.  
  2. Seminars!  We will be expanding our seminars to include more topics from mini classes, basic aquaponics, RAS, hydroponics, construction, and even hydroponic fodder.  What other classes would you attend and how  much would you pay for the workshop?
  3. What other areas of interest would you like to see Aqua Growers of Michigan and Aqua Growers provide for you?

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