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Kenneth C. Chio, Jr.

Financial Wizard

Co-Owner, CFO 

Ken comes to Aqua Growers with  so much passion for what he does. He has an extensive background as a Certified Public Accountant and in Finance.  He is a self made successful entrepreneur who has started several companies and has held the position of CFO and shareholder in numerous other companies. He joined Jim to both form what is now "Aqua Growers" - an Urban Aquaponic Farm. Ken has studied not only various courses on Aquaponics but also attended the RAS course, studied hydroponics and fish. Along with Jim, their vision is to take the company to great heights!  Ken has the unique ability to motivate and keep us going.  Ken's exciting ideas will turn your head when you hear about all the possibilities Aqua Growers can achieve. Have a business question for your company? Do you need to know how much fish you will need for your system and how much food to feed them? Ken has a keen sense of business and he will have all the right answers for you!  

  Our  Aqua Growers Team

Jim is the President of Aqua Growers.  His enthusiasm and expertise in this field along with his visions is what led him to start this new and exciting company.  Jim's career started in aviation as an Engineer, and has been part of several lucrative companies, but his calling and dream of wanting to bring to fruition a company that is able to provide a sustainable source of food not only for the State of Michigan, but expanding further by taking this vision to impoverished areas where food source is almost non-existent.  It is this huge dream - a vision beyond anything anyone can see which Jim wants to see come to light, to help those in need - to give back to communities where food is so desperately needed in today's society.  No greater is this need than in our inner city.  And Jim is the person that can deliver that need!  He has extensive experience in Hydroponics spanning over 10 years, and in Aquaponics the last 4 years.  He designs and builds systems for both as well as for schools and is an integral part of the entire operation.  All of the designs you see within Aqua Growers, and for customers, come from his visions and knowledge from years of design work.  If  you want a specially designed system, Jim can design what you need.  With our consultant services, we take the guess work out of it for you!.

Company Summary and Mission 

Aqua Growers of Michigan and Aqua Growers, LLC is a Michigan Company and a State of Michigan licensed aquaculture company. Our mission is to employ green technology to provide profitable and efficient solutions on a commercial level to the most basic requirement of modern living: a clean, economically and environmentally sustainable production of food for people and animals. Aqua Growers of Michigan and Aqua Growers utilizes commercially proven and well researched green technology such as aquaponics and hydroponics which reuse water to grow clean and sustainable fresh produce, fish and fodder. Our humanitarian mission is to make this technology easily accessible to individual families or communities worldwide to empower them to feed themselves and others at a grass roots level.  We are able to design, build, implement, maintain, train and supply these green food production systems around the world.

Both Aqua Growers of Michigan and Aqua Growers operates its headquarters, a commercial urban Aquaponics farm with an on-site training center, within a greenhouse located in Carleton, Michigan. In addition to our Aquaponics farm, since May of 2012 we are also growing Hydroponic fodder.  Visits and Tours are by appointment only.

Our mission.....

We are committed to providing our customer’s pesticide free, quality, nutritious fresh vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers year round, within a sustainable aquaponics food system.  We we are nutritiously centered.  Our commitment to the community reaches into the school systems to teach K-12 the importance of Aquaculture and healthy eating which sustains and improves the health of individuals in the communities we serve, with special attention to areas where food source is less available.  Our passion for a sustainable food system calls us to cultivate trust, advocate wellness and transform how the community and families come together. Aqua Growers is a member of the Michigan Aquaculture Association.

We are called to:

      ~~Service the community and schools - generosity of spirit, especially for our K-12 most in need

     ~~Integrity - Inspiring trust through personal leadership, through our training seminars, and our one-on-one consulting

     ~~Wisdom - Integrating excellence

     ~~Creativity - Courageous innovation

     ~~Dedication - Affirming the hope and joy of our incredible products, workshops, etc.

     ~~Dedicated to growing clean food with less energy

Aquaponics technology is now in its fifth generation, including thirty years of university level research, and is recognized as an efficient answer to the most basic requirement of modern living: a clean and sustainable source of food. Aquaponics integrates the advantages of two well defined technologies: (1) aquaculture (farming of fish) and (2) hydroponics (culturing plants in water), into a self-sustaining system where the fish and plants exist in a symbiotic environment. An Aquaponic system thrives for the reason that the fish (raised in separate tanks) create waste products in the water that flows into plant grow beds which is immediately utilized by the plants as fertilizer. The plants clean the water by consuming the waste, after which, the clean water is returned back to the fish tank(s) and the process repeats ad infinitum, creating a symbiotic environment and self- sustaining system. The result is clean food because the plants grow in a pesticide free, organic environment. Pesticides and chemicals are prohibited anywhere within our system or the fish will perish.

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Aqua Growers of Michigan


  Ken Chio


  Paulus Obey

  Founded: November 2014

Aqua Growers of Michigan and Aqua Growers


  • design and construction of Aquaponic systems
  • workshops, Seminars
  • irrigation,
  • quality tilapia, 
  • consulting services,
  • vertical systems,
  • drawing designs,
  • commercial, residential, school systems & more.


Jim Gill